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Episode 22 of BABA will be like no other meeting we’ve ever had! It will follow the story of an investor and agent in Tampa Bay turning one transaction into many for the benefit of both parties. We will entertain and educate the BABA community like never before. While we of course always like to have a LOT of fun at our BABA Main Events, we’re most excited to bring an incredible amount of knowledge and tools to you.

As a huge bonus, we’ll be holding our first-ever BABA Partner Fair at BABA22! This will be a great opportunity for our BABA agents to build the team they need in order to succeed in real estate. EVERY guest at BABA22 will certainly Become A Better Agent on November 8th!

Urban Recycling will be on-site collecting all your old electronic devices. Every item you bring will get you one ticket for an Amazon Echo Dot giveaway. Time to clean out that junk drawer!