BABA 22: Tuesday, October 17th, 2017 from 9am to 1pm 813.855.3585

About The Next Event ~ BABA 22

BABA 22 Will be on October 17th. We will post more updates on the details soon.

What Is BABA?

The monthly Become A Better Agent Conference is a FREE resource available to all Tampa Bay area Realtors.

By attending our live events, you’ll be introduced to a wide array of industry professionals who have been brought to you by BABA, with the intent of helping you rise above your competition. The nationwide average sales for Realtors is one transaction per year! BABA is designed to propel you from your current level of production… the level you want and deserve to be. We will NEVER sell you anything, and we will ALWAYS help you sell MORE!

Never The Same!

Each BABA seminar is completely different. We hand select only elite service providers and educators around the Tampa Bay area to teach at our conferences.

BABA is completely different that the previous seminar. Change to this: Every BABA meeting is totally unique from the other BABAs, and from any conference you may attend. Our content and presenters are ever-changing and never repeated. The difference between having a real estate license and being a professional real estate consultant lies in your knowledge and skills. BABA is where weak agents become strong agents…. where successful agents become ULTRA successful agents…..where good agents go to become GREAT agents. BABA is here for you. Stop missing out… and start BABA-ing!

Hurry Up!

Last month our tickets sold out so don’t miss this event. Conference will start in

Some Photos From Previous BABA Events

We always love capturing some of the fun and exciting moments from previous BABA seminars. Below are just a few of the great shots.

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